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Local and Long Distance Calling for Residential and Business

Unlimited calling plans available, no contract required.

The VoIP service offers a complete replacement for your regular phone service and offers equal voice quality and reliability plus other special features.

The USA-Connect hosted VoIP service allows you to utilize your existing Internet connection to make phone calls cutting monthly telephone costs by 30%-80% over traditional phone services.

All calling plans include free Voicemail (with integrated e-mail notification), Conference Calling, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Call Waiting.

With the USA-Connect VoIP solution you can utilize your current phone system and handsets so there is no need to purchase new phones or upgrade the PBX.  Find out more.


USA-CONNECT Gateway Calling

We also offer a long distance plan to use with your regular phone line, and make calls by connecting through the USA-Connect gateway.

Allows you to get our super cheap long distance and international rates while keeping your existing phone service.



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