Complete Listing of NYCT High Speed Access Buildings

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Internet Access Is Immediately Available In The Properties Listed Below

New York Connect, is working with Walter & Samuels to provide New York with affordable, commercial office space live high-speed dedicated Internet access.

NYCT.NET has served New York's Internet needs since 1995 and provides complete Internet solutions. NYCT. has wired the buildings shown and continually provides support services for our real estate and corporate clients.

Walter & Samuels Properties with New York Connect Internet Access:
419 Park Avenue South   214 West 29th Street
224 West 29th Street 304 Park Avenue South
500 8th Avenue   136 East 57th Street
501 Madison Avenue   6 East 45th Street
225 West 39th Street   315 West 36th Street
For information Call:    
New York Connect: 212-293-2620   Walter & Samuels: 212-685-6200